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How To Find A New Source Of Recovery When Your Client’s Car Wreck Negligence Case Hits A Dead End

Has Your Client\'s Car Wreck Case Hit A Dead End Because Of Insurance Minimums? Personal Injury Lawyer Todd Tracy Recovers More Damages From Automakers

Attorneys often hit a roadblock in car wreck cases when there is not enough insurance to cover their client’s loss of life or catastrophic injuries.

Vehicle Crashworthiness lawsuit offers a potential recovery source that you should consider. A crashworthiness case focuses on what caused the injuries or death, not who caused the accident.

Federal law requires car manufacturers to provide occupant protection systems with an envelope of survivability around the driver and passengers. The next time your family buckles their seat belts ask yourself, “are the seat belts and airbags there to prevent an accident or are both supposed to prevent injuries in the event of an accident?” If defective safety systems fail, the vehicle manufacturer or auto dealer is responsible.

Todd Tracy Uses The Law, Engineering, Science And His Crash Lab To Prove Defective Vehicle Cases

At the Tracy Law Firm, our Crash Lab examines and exposes how the vehicle and its safety systems performed during the crash. Appearances at an accident scene can be very deceiving. For example, law enforcement accident investigations often mistakenly conclude that a person was ejected from a car because they were not wearing their seat belts. Our engineering analysis has found time-and-time again in cases that the person was wearing their seat belt, but it failed.

For nearly three decades, I’ve handled more than 2700 personal injury and product liability cases against the major car manufacturers for safety defects that caused deaths and catastrophic injuries. If you believe your case is at a dead-end for recovery and you are ready to fold it up, I urge you to talk to me first about a crashworthiness evaluation.

Four Crucial Steps To Recovering Damages

It’s critically important for you to take the following steps as soon as possible in order for us to evaluate whether you have a crashworthiness vehicle safety defect case:

  1. Do Not Surrender Possession of the wrecked vehicle. Make certain that the vehicle is safe and secure. Without the vehicle, there is no case against the automaker. The vehicle is the equivalent of a body in a criminal investigation. It is the forensic road map to what caused the death or injury. We will transport the vehicle to the Tracy Law Firm’s Crash Lab in Dallas.
  2. Do not settle the property damage case because after the insurance company settles the claim your client will lose possession of the wrecked vehicle.  It will likely be resold to a car auction or to a salvage yard. Our team of car accident lawyers, automotive engineers and scientists need to do a top to bottom inspection of the wrecked vehicle in order to pursue a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer.
  3. Do not remove anything from the vehicle! Every item inside the vehicle is potentially a target for us to evaluate as to what caused the injury and when the injury occurred. No matter if it’s clothing, groceries, luggage, or any other personal articles we need everything intact inside the wrecked vehicle.
  4. Do not settle the underlying case just yet. We need to evaluate all aspects of the case before a determination is made about settling the underlying case.

**If you do not have the vehicle, call me at 214-324-9000 or contact us here. A member of my legal team is an expert at locating and recovering accident vehicles at auto auctions and salvage yards.

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Call me at 214-324-9000 to discuss your client’s Vehicle Crashworthiness case evaluation.

If An Accident Caused Death or Catastrophic Injuries, Todd Tracy Will Conduct A Free Analysis For Your Case.

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If An Accident Caused Death or Catastrophic Injuries, Todd Tracy Will Conduct A Free Analysis For Your Case.