Defective Tires

Are You The Victim Of A Chinese Defective Tire Retread?

When tires lose their outer tread, this separation oftentimes causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle and either rollover or crash into another vehicle or fixed object. Tire “retread” cases require extensive experience and knowledge to understand how tire manufacturers cut corners which equates to decreased safety.

Many Chinese tire manufacturers make tires that are simply too dangerous to be on any vehicle.

Through shell entities, these Chinese manufacturers distribute tires that are lethal throughout the United States.

To properly handle these cases, an attorney must understand the complexities of the Chinese corporate shell games as well as the flawed manufacturing techniques they use.

Defective Tires – Recovering Damages

The Tracy Law Firm’s Crash Lab has investigated numerous “retread” defective tire accidents and is experienced in recovering damages for wrongful death and catastrophic injuries caused by Chinese tire manufacturers.

As a Vehicle Safety Lawyer, Todd is not only armed with his deep legal expertise but with an undergraduate college degree in physics.

He conducts complex engineering investigations using state of the art technology to determine if the vehicle’s safety systems failed to protect his clients from fatal or traumatic injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Tracy and his support team try personal injury and product liability lawsuits in 42 states including Puerto Rico.

He is often featured as an expert in national and local news reports about motor vehicle safety.

Todd says, “I don’t care who was at fault in the accident. We focus on what caused serious injuries or death.”

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