The Crash Test Car Insurance Carriers Don’t Want You To Know About

We Are Putting The Car Insurance Bullies To The Test

Everyday across our nation thousands of auto insurance company adjusters swarm like locusts on collision repair businesses.  They dictate and downright intimidate auto body shop owners into not following the crash safety standards set forth by vehicle manufacturers. Why do they do this? Because they want to put more of your hard earned money paid in insurance premiums into their fat coffers of cash.  They do this without regard to the safety of their customers.

So we are going to put the madness of their methods to the test.  The Tracy Law Firm and the Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT) have joined forces to crash test three identical 2010 Honda Fit’s like the one that a young couple was crushed and burned inside.  A Dallas County jury found that a collision center played ball with State Farm Insurance and did not follow Honda’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) when it replaced a hail damaged metal roof using glue instead of 108 welds. The jury awarded the couple $42 million dollars in damage and sent a message to the industry.

Yet in the wake of the verdict, the Auto Insurance Industry still believes it knows more about crash safety than the very manufacturer of the vehicles they insure.  We are about to find out. The scientific tests will speak the truth.

Crash Test Seeks Truth on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Specifications

If you prefer to read, here’s a transcript of the video.

Hello, I’m Todd Tracy with the Tracy Law Firm in Dallas, Texas and I’m in my Crash Lab with a 2010 Honda Fit that has not ever been involved in an accident and has never been repaired. We are going to send this vehicle to California to a NHTSA-approved crash test facility called Karco. They are going to run this vehicle into a narrow frontal offset barrier at 40 miles per hour. We are then going to take two additional 2010 Honda Fit vehicles that are presently at Burl’s Auto Body Shop in Henderson, Texas where the following repair modifications are being done: first, we are taking the windshield, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield, and we are replacing that with an aftermarket windshield. We are then taking the roof off of the vehicle, removing the 108 welds that the OEM Honda put on there to secure the roof to the safety cage, and we are going to glue that roof on using 3M 8115 adhesive glue. We are then going to run a crash test with that vehicle, running the same narrow frontal offset at 40 miles an hour. We are then going to take a third vehicle that’s also at Burl’s Collision Center in Henderson, Texas, and we’re going to do the following: we are going to replace the front bumper, the front radiator support, the quarter panel, the door, all of the glass, and we are going to use aftermarket parts that are non OEM approved, and then we’re going to ship that vehicle out to California as well and have that same crash test performed. Why are we doing this? Why are we putting our money where our mouth is? Because for so long, the insurance industry and the aftermarket industry has said you do not need to follow OEM repair specifications, that our aftermarket parts are just as safe as the OEM’s original parts. We’re putting those statements to the test. We are using the scientific method to prove our point that the vehicle repair industry must follow the OEM repair specifications to the letter, and when they don’t, people die or get seriously injured. I encourage you to stay focused on this very important issue, and as the results come out, we will forward them to you.

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  1. My name is John “Louie” Lewis. I own a small Collision Shop in Summerville, S.C. Precision Collision Inc. I’ve been in the collision business for most of my life. Once I opened my own shop I decided my business model would be a non drp shop and we are on the consumer advocate side of the business.

    I came across your crash test video on fb and it’s exactly the kind of thing we need to see. Very much anticipating the results of your tests and hope I can be placed on your update list. My email address is
    Contact info Shop # 843-871-9016. Cell # 843-830-9419. I will also continue to check your website for updates. Thank you and hope to see your results soon!

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