3 Steps In Trying To Win A Car Accident Lawsuit

Here’s Why The Automotive Industry Does Not Want Todd Tracy To Represent You

Todd Tracy – Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Working on Crashworthiness Cases at the firm’s Crash Lab in Dallas, Texas

Todd Tracy is a nationally recognized auto safety expert, car accident lawyer, and bus accident lawyer dedicated to forcing automakers to design safer vehicles and holding them accountable for his clients. He builds a legal case for your lawsuit by linking severe injuries or deaths suffered in a car crash or a bus accident to the failure of the vehicle’s safety systems.

For example, if a door flies open in a rollover car accident and the driver or passenger is ejected, it is usually a sign that the vehicle crashworthiness safety systems such as the door latch or seat belts failed.

We Don’t Care Who CAUSED The Accident. We Focus On Who Caused The INJURIES.

Automakers may be legally responsible, if the vehicle’s occupant protection systems failed to keep the driver and passengers safe from serious injury or death.

Todd Tracy Uses The Following Three Step Process To Help Bring Closure To His Client’s Tragedy.

Step 1. EXAMINE - Keep The Wrecked Vehicle!

Defective Car Repair

Your wrecked vehicle is critically important to determine whether or not there are grounds to file a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer. If you sign a release for the insurance company to settle your property damage claim and dispose of the vehicle, you will lose vital evidence needed for a lawsuit.  It makes it nearly impossible for us to represent you.

The vehicle involved in the accident holds the “evidence” needed to prove that a safety failure occurred. The severe injuries or deaths may have been caused by an unsafe design or weak structural materials that failed. Think in terms of a popular TV crime show such as NCIS. The wrecked vehicle is like a body that provides forensic evidence in a murder case. We will need to conduct a “vehicle autopsy”.

The Tracy Law Firm will transport your wrecked vehicle to its Crash Lab in Dallas, Texas at no cost to you. Todd along with his team of engineers and product liability lawyers at the Tracy Law firm will examine the vehicle to determine if there are grounds to sue the car manufacturer or a car dealership for safety failures.  For example, we have recovered financial damages from car dealers because they failed to reconnect the airbags after a repair and the occupants (our clients) were later killed when the airbags did not deploy in a car crash.

In the event that you have released your wrecked vehicle to the insurance company, we can often track it down.  Please watch the following video to learn the four things that you need to do protect your legal rights after a serious auto accident.

Step 2. EXPOSE

Once you become Todd Tracy’s client, your wrecked vehicle will be put through numerous tests and an extensive analysis in the Tracy Law Firm’s state of the art Crash Lab. Our team of automotive engineers and scientists will examine how the motor vehicle accident occurred and how safety systems inside the wrecked vehicle failed to protect the driver or passengers from serious injuries or death.

These engineers are highly experienced experts from the automotive industry including:

  • an expert on restraint systems and crash tests who is regarded as the father of the original airbag,
  • a 40-year veteran automotive engineer who has worked at all of the U.S. automotive manufacturers as well as the Chief Engineer for the Ford GT sports car and Executive Director of Engineering at McLaren Cars,
  • a mechanical engineering professor with a Ph.D who is an expert for the U.S. military on the impact of accidents on the human brain and body,
  • and experts on structures and materials.

Todd Tracy brings to bear his experience from 2,700 cases as well as his knowledge of automotive engineering to expose safety failures and unsafe vehicles. Vehicle crashworthiness is a complicated practice of law.  Todd has an undergraduate degree in physics and is the only car accident lawyer in the nation that runs a Crash Lab.

By filing a lawsuit, the Tracy Law Firm starts a legal process to expose the failing of the vehicle’s safety system and its unsafe design.

Tracy’s Crash Lab team uses sophisticated digital imaging equipment and conducts crash tests to prove his client’s cases. The Tracy Law Firm builds your legal case by linking the deaths or severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, loss of limbs, crushed limbs, loss of eyesight, and facial scars directly to the failure of the vehicle’s safety systems.

Watch the following video to see how Todd Tracy helps his clients counter the sometimes false defenses thrown up by the richest and most powerful car companies in the world who do not want to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Step 3. EFFECT

Our clients usually face large medical bills, long term medical life care expenses, and will never be able to resume their normal lives.  In the case of fatal accidents, family members may seek financial damages for the loss of their loved one.

Todd is dedicated to forcing the automotive industry to design and build safer vehicles. The effect of his research and lawsuits have exposed unsafe vehicles. In response, the government has issued recalls and strengthened safety standards.  We pride ourselves in serving our clients and driving the process of change through our Tenacity, Tact, and Talent.

The most beneficial effect of our legal work can help bring some closure to a tragedy by winning either a settlement or verdict from from the jury. Todd has recovered significant damages from car companies and car dealers for his clients.

To better understand how Todd fights for his clients, watch the following video about a client who suffered a severe spinal cord injury. In a split second, a young doctor just out of medical school was turned into quadriplegic. The car he was riding in was struck in an accident.  The car’s roof support failed and crushed down on his head.  The doctor not only lost his promising medical career but suddenly faced the need to pay for care for the rest of his life.

Todd and his support team conducted crash tests that demonstrated that the roof was unsafe and had not been welded together properly in the factory.  The carmaker settled the lawsuit for a significant amount of money.

This is the kind of representation you can expect to receive from the Tracy Law Firm when you are up against the biggest auto manufacturers in the world. This video is long, but you can’t afford not to watch it to understand what it takes to fight  the vehicle industry.