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Here’s Why The Automotive Industry Does Not Want Todd Tracy To Examine Your Vehicle.

Todd Tracy – Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Working on Crashworthiness Cases at the firm’s Crash Lab in Dallas, Texas

Todd Tracy is a nationally recognized auto safety expert, car accident lawyer, and bus accident lawyer dedicated to forcing automakers to design safer vehicles and holding them accountable for his clients. He builds a legal case for your lawsuit by linking severe injuries or deaths suffered in a car crash or a bus accident to the failure of the vehicle’s safety systems.

For example, if a door flies open in a rollover car accident and the driver or passenger is ejected, it is usually a sign that the vehicle crashworthiness safety systems such as the door latch or seat belts failed.

We Don’t Care Who CAUSED The Accident.

We Focus On Who Caused The INJURIES.

Automakers may be legally responsible if the vehicle’s occupant protection systems failed to keep the driver and passengers safe from serious injury or death.

If An Accident Caused Death Or Catastrophic Injuries, Todd Tracy Will Conduct A Free Analysis For Your Case.

Keep The Wrecked Vehicle!

It’s Important Evidence For Your Case.

Don’t Let The Insurance Company Take It To The Salvage Yard.

The Great CARFAX Airbag Hoax

Four Important Tips On What To Do After A Fatal Accident Or A Vehicle Accident That Caused Severe Injuries

Your wrecked vehicle is critically important to determine whether or not there are grounds to file a product liability lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer.

  1. Do not lose possession of the wrecked vehicle. Keep it safe and secure.
  2. Do not sign a release for the insurance company to settle your property damage claim and to dispose of the vehicle.  You will lose vital evidence needed for a lawsuit.  It makes it nearly impossible for us to represent you. The vehicle involved in the accident holds the “evidence” needed to prove that a safety failure occurred. The severe injuries or deaths may have been caused by an unsafe design or weak structural materials that failed. Think in terms of a popular TV crime show such as NCIS. The wrecked vehicle is like a body that provides forensic evidence in a murder case. We will need to conduct a “vehicle autopsy”.
  3. Do not make any recorded statements without talking to a lawyer first.
  4. Do not make a victim impact statement if criminal charges have been filed against the other driver.

If you have released your vehicle to the insurance company, call us at 214-324-9000. We are experts at finding wrecked vehicles from accidents at auto auctions and junk yards. The Tracy Law Firm will transport your wrecked vehicle to its Crash Lab in Dallas, Texas at no cost to you. Todd along with his team of engineers and product liability lawyers at the Tracy Law firm will examine the vehicle to determine if there are grounds to sue the car manufacturer or a car dealership for safety failures.  For example, we have recovered financial damages from car dealers because they failed to reconnect the airbags after a repair and the occupants (our clients) were later killed when the airbags did not deploy in a car crash.

If An Accident Caused Death Or Catastrophic Injuries, Todd Tracy Will Conduct A Free Analysis For Your Case.