Car Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy Featured In Dallas Morning News Story

Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy, Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy,
“I don’t care who was at fault in the accident,” said Tracy, who grew up in Hurst and got his undergraduate degree in physics from the University of North Texas. “We are here to focus on what caused the injuries or death.”

I am flattered and appreciative that Terry Box, the Dallas Morning News veteran automotive industry reporter, featured the work of our personal injury law firm on the cover of the newspapers’ Business Page. Terry visited my Crash Lab to see the lengths that our team of personal injury lawyers and engineers go to in order to prove that car manufacturers are financially responsible for the catastrophic injuries and deaths suffered by my clients in car accidents. We take on the largest companies in the world and that means spending a considerable amount of time and money –at no expense to our clients–to prove our case.

Unfortunately as Terry points out, most of my clients cannot walk in the door because they have suffered catastrophic injuries or they were killed in the auto accident.

The Tracy Law Firm’s product liability lawsuits focus on who caused the traumatic injury or death in a car crash, not who was at fault for causing the auto accident.  Terry’s news report covers how we recently conducted a crash test to show how the deceased father and mother of our client would have survived a head-on-collision if not for defective airbags.  The car dealer settled the case upon seeing our crash test results.

Terry Box describes me as having the stance and presence of a middleweight boxer.  When you think about it, don’t you want to have a tough smart fighter in your corner when facing the largest companies in the world?

I consider my crashworthiness law practice a calling to help make motor vehicles safer for families and especially for children.  Please feel free to contact me to evaluate your car accident case at 214-324-9000 or reach me directly through this contact form.

The Tracy Firm is a nationwide personal injury practice. It would be my privilege to represent you.  READ MORE FROM THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS



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