Submarining Seat Belt Can Cause Occupants Ejection During an Accident and Can Be a Crashworthiness Case

Seat Belt Submarining

The concept of an occupant submarining under a lap belt has been known by vehicle manufacturers since the 1960’s. Submarining occurs when an occupant’s pelvis rotates down and forward and allows the lap belt to slide over the pelvic bones into the soft abdominal tissue.

Injuries That Occur When an Occupant Submarines Under a Lap Belt:

1. Horrific intra-abdominal injuries
2. lumbar spinal fractures
3. lower leg fractures

Several Design Flaws Can Lead to Seat Belt Submarining:

1. Rigid buckle stalk raises belt above pelvis
2. Buckle stalk is too tall and raises belt above pelvis
3. Ineffective seat ramp or cushion design
4. Belt anchorage location too far aft or forward
5. Belt anchorage angle too steep or shallow
6. Too much slack in the belt

Submarining Seat Belt Overview

Each of these design flaws has one component in common—they affect belt fit or belt geometry. Alternative designs that will prevent or minimize the risk of submarining range from using a shorter, more flexible buckle stalk to incorporating an antisubmarining seat. More elaborate design fixes include pyrotechnic pre-tensioners, vehicles with ABTS and vehicles with seat mounted lap belt buckles. These help reduce belt slack and help secure the occupant closer to his pre-accident seated position.

Seat Belt Submarining | Lap Belt-Submarining Sequence
Lap Belt-Submarining Sequence

Seat Belt Submarining also occurs if the seat bottom cushion slides forward due to improper attachment. When a seat slides forward, the antisubmarining seat ramp is rendered useless. Submarining has been observed in lap belt only, 3-point continuous loop, and 2-point motorized/automatic shoulder belt configurations. FMVSS 209 previously mandated that a lap belt should remain below the pelvis under all accident conditions, however this provision was dropped in 2002.

Seat Belt Submarining And Occupants Ejection During An Accident Can Be A Crashworthiness Case

Seat Belt Submarining can cause serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicle in an event of accident. It has a likely probability of occupants being ejected from the vehicle.

If the occupants are ejected from the vehicle, then, the case becomes crash worthiness and you need to consult us to get the advice from the nation’s top crashworthiness lawyer who has been handling crashworthiness cases for more than two decades now.

For more than two decades, The Tracy Firm has has recovered major financial damages for their clients as a safety watchdog over auto manufacturers. Their team of experienced attorneys understands the complex nature of personal injury and vehicle crashworthiness cases and works tirelessly to build strong legal strategies.

The Tracy Firm, a renowned legal establishment, has been dedicated to advocating for individuals who have suffered injuries in vehicular accidents. With a focus on enhancing safety, their expertise spans various areas including manufacturing design defectssafety system failuresvehicle aggressiveness and vehicle crashworthiness throughout the United States.

The most beneficial effect of their legal work can help bring some closure to a tragedy by winning either a settlement or verdict from the jury.

Todd Tracy brings to bear his experience from thousands of complex cases as well as his knowledge of automotive engineering to expose safety failures and unsafe vehicles.

The Tracy Firm specializes in an area of law called vehicle crashworthiness which involves complicated engineering, scientific and mathematical formulas. Todd Tracy brings the knowledge from his undergraduate college degree in physics to the courtroom and is the only car accident lawyer in the nation that runs a Crash Lab.

By filing a lawsuit, The Tracy Firm starts a legal process to expose the failure of the vehicle’s safety system and its unsafe design.

Tracy’s Crash Lab team uses sophisticated digital imaging equipment and conducts crash tests to prove his client’s cases.

The Tracy Law Firm builds your personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit for product liability by linking the deaths or severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, loss of limbs, crushed limbs, loss of eyesight, loss of speech and facial scars directly to the failure of the vehicle’s safety systems.

This systematic approach stems from Todd Tracy’s knowledge of automotive safety systems, the Vehicle Crashworthiness law governing these systems, and the evidence required to prevail and recover financial damages for you and your family.

The Tracy Firm has recovered substantial financial damages from car companies and car dealers for their clients. They represent victims in personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits. You don’t pay a penny unless Todd wins.

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