Seat Back Failure

Seat Back Failure: Rear End Crash Test For Front Seat Analysis of Rear Seated Occupant
Rear End Crash Test For Front Seat Analysis of Rear Seated Occupant

Defective Seat Backs Kill And Cripple Children

Seatbacks on the driver and passenger’s front seat chronically break and collapse, causing death and paralysis. Every day on average, vehicle accidents kill three children and injury 470. Eleven percent of those child victims were seated in the rear when the front seatback crushed them.

Automakers and government safety regulators routinely recommend that parents put their children in the back seat. But in rear-end collisions, the rear seat becomes a killing zone for children as well as small adults.

Seat Back Failure Concerns

How could the death toll be rising? An automotive safety leader pointed out years ago that designing seats is not “rocket science.”

It’s Not Rocket Science

Drivers Seat Broke in Rear End Collision

When addressing seat back failure, the risk is not only to back seat occupants. The front seat driver and passenger may also suffer broken necks as a result of seat back failure when their seatbacks break in minor collisions.


Vehicle Safety Lawyer Todd Tracy Warned About Defective Seat Back Dangers For Years

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The automotive industry has been aware of the defective seatbacks and the rising death toll of victims for decades. CBS News has broadcast investigative reports Government safety regulators have failed to act.

Thousands Of Vehicles With Dangerous Seat Backs Are Carrying Families

There are tens of thousands of ticking time bombs on the road with defective seatbacks that can maim and destroy young lives.

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Why Seat Back Failures Cause Death And Paralysis in Car Crashes

If An Accident Caused Death Or Catastrophic Injuries, Todd Tracy Will Conduct A Free Analysis For Your Case.