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Seat Back Failure – Hit From Behind

Seat back failures are a major safety defect in vehicles. It causes a spinal cord injury or crushes a passenger (child, mother, father, brother, sister) in the backseat. Find out if you have a case in this video.


Hello this is Todd Tracy with the Tracy Law Firm in Dallas, Texas and I’m here in my Crash Lab and I’m often asked how do I know if I have a potential case against the vehicle manufacturer?

Well, for example if your loved one is sitting behind your seat and someone hits you from the rear and your seat collapses and you crush your child, or you crush your mother, or your father, or your brother, or your sister.

You better are evaluating, why did my seat do that? Why did it cause harm to my loved one while protecting me? Those are the cases that we look at. Those are the cases that we evaluate, and those are the cases we want.

Car Seat Crash

Have you been rear-ended and you or your passenger’s front seat broke? Were there serious injuries in the accident? You might have a case against the car maker. Watch Todd’s Video.

Most people don’t know that they can sue car manufacturers, bus manufacturers and 18-wheeler truck manufacturers for unsafe vehicles that cause wrongful death or serious personal injury in car accidents.

Personal injury lawyer Todd Tracy focuses on “Who Caused The Serious Car Accident Injuries or Death” — not who caused the accident. Even if you may be at fault in the cause of the accident such loosing control on an icy or wet surface, you still may have a case if your vehicle’s safety systems failed to protect you.  Car companies are required by federal motor vehicle safety standards to make vehicles that will protect the driver and passengers from catastrophic injuries or death.

Seat Back Failure – Rear End Collision

If you, a family member or a friend have suffered a traumatic car accident injury or they were killed in an auto accident, you need to contact a car accident lawyer with a successful record in court for fighting the world’s biggest car companies.

Contact Todd Tracy here to “Find Out If You Have A Case” or call 214-324-9000.

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