Car Hits Animal Or Debris

Vehicle Safety Lawyer Todd Tracy Warns Motorist About The Dangers Of Hitting Deer
Vehicle Safety Defect Causes Catastrophic Injuries When Car Hits Deer The Tracy Law Firm

Motorists in rural areas are at a dangerous risk of hitting animals on the roadway. The threat includes deer, horses, cows, elk or and moose. The impact is similar to running into a brick wall.

  • Deer weigh up to 300 pounds. 
  • Horses between 840 and 2,200 pounds. 
  • Cows between 1,600 and 2,400 pounds. 
  • And a Moose is between 440 to 1,500 pounds. 

Car Hits Animal Or Debris On Roadway

The animal typically crashes into the windshield of the vehicle. If the vehicle’s roof is not structurally strong, the carcass will crash into the front seat passenger compartment. My clients have suffered fatal injuries, brain damage, and paralysis.

Safety Defects Cause Death And Severe Injuries When Vehicles Hit Animals

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One of the fundamental principles of vehicle crashworthiness is to maintain the survival space.

How Todd Tracy Proved A Flawed Roof Design Caused Traumatic Brain Injury In Dallas Car Crash
The Front Seat Passenger Was Hit By A Flying Body From Another Car. The Defective Roof Failed To Protect Him.

In urban areas, motorists are at risk of hitting unsecured cargo or wheels that fly off of vehicles traveling at high speeds. We represented a client who suffered catastrophic injuries when a crash ejected a passenger from a passing car into his windshield.

The Tracy Law Firm conducted extensive crash testing in its Crash Lab to prove that a weak roof failed to maintain the occupant survival space.

Todd Tracy explains how the testing helped his client obtain a significant settlement of damages.

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Defective Roof Causes Traumatic Brain Injury

If An Accident Caused Death Or Catastrophic Injuries, Todd Tracy Will Conduct A Free Analysis For Your Case.