How To Prove You Were Wearing Your Seat Belt In A Car Crash When Police Say You Were Not

Can You Be Ejected From a Car Wearing a Seat Belt?

You see it on the news every day. A person is killed or seriously injured in a rollover car crash because they were ejected from the vehicle. Accident investigators often mistakenly conclude in their accident reports that the person was ejected from the car because they were not wearing their seat belt. People wrongly assume the victim was at fault.

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Our scientific investigations have uncovered many cases in which the car accident victims were wearing their seat belts. They were ejected from the car because the restraint system that was supposed to keep them safely inside the vehicle failed. How do we know this?

In this video, Dr. Mariusz Ziejewski, a mechanical engineering professor and the Director of Automotive Systems Laboratory at North Dakota State University, provides compelling evidence that challenges the assumption made by state troopers and traffic cops regarding seat belt usage. Through a meticulous microscopic examination of the seat belt’s fibers, Dr. Ziejewski uncovers proof that the driver had indeed buckled up, highlighting a failure in the restraint system. This revelation sheds light on the unfortunate circumstances where fatal rollover accidents are inaccurately attributed to the victim’s lack of seat belt usage, leading to unwarranted blame and grief for surviving family members.

Dr. Ziejewski’s research has significant implications for accident investigations and the accuracy of attributing blame in fatal rollover accidents. By meticulously examining the fibers of seat belts, he has provided compelling evidence that challenges the assumption made by state troopers and traffic cops regarding seat belt usage. His findings reveal instances where victims who tragically lost their lives were actually wearing their seat belts, highlighting a failure in the restraint system rather than negligence on the part of the driver. This new understanding exposes the potential for wrongful blame and unnecessary grief experienced by surviving family members, who may wrongly believe that their loved ones were at fault for not wearing seat belts. Dr. Ziejewski’s research underscores the need for a more thorough and precise approach to accident investigations, ensuring that the true causes of accidents and the responsibility of the parties involved are accurately determined.

By analyzing the composition of seat belt fibers at a microscopic level, Dr. Ziejewski has uncovered crucial insights that challenge the conventional assumptions made by law enforcement officials regarding seat belt usage. His meticulous examination has revealed instances where victims involved in fatal accidents were, in fact, wearing their seat belts, dispelling the notion of driver negligence. This groundbreaking discovery sheds light on the shortcomings of current restraint systems, emphasizing the urgent need for improved safety measures. Dr. Ziejewski’s research serves as a clarion call for a more comprehensive and precise approach to accident investigations, ensuring that blame is assigned accurately and sparing surviving family members unnecessary anguish.

Unfortunately state troopers and traffic cops often assume that because a person was ejected from a car, they did not have on their seat belt. Officers don’t indicate in their accident report why they reached that conclusion. In fatal rollover accidents, surviving family members are left to believe that their loved one was at fault. In fact, we find more often than not that the victim was wearing their seat belt despite the accident report.

The Tracy Law Firm’s Crash Lab is equipped to uncover safety problems like defective occupant protection systems. Some personal injury attorneys call themselves a rollover accident attorney. Todd Tracy is a true rollover accident attorney when you consider the engineering and scientific resources he uses in his lawsuits against vehicle manufacturers.

His extensive knowledge and expertise in vehicle safety has allowed him to successfully challenge automakers in court and hold them accountable for their negligence. With the help of his dedicated team, he meticulously analyzes crash data, inspects vehicles, and consults with top engineering professionals to build a strong case for his clients.

Todd Tracy’s commitment to seeking justice goes beyond simply representing his clients. He actively advocates for improved safety standards and regulations to prevent future accidents and protect innocent lives. His relentless pursuit of truth and justice has earned him a reputation as one of the leading authorities in the field of rollover accidents.

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If you think there is no hope of holding someone accountable for a death or serious injury in a rollover accident because the police say the victim was not wearing their seat belt, we can help find the truth.

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