THANK YOU Auto Body Association of Texas for Your Commitment To Safety

The Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT) has led the fight for the collision repair industry here to follow Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) standards when they repair their customer’s vehicles.  A Dallas collision center testified that it was bullied into not following Honda’s specifications when it used glue to repair a hail damaged roof instead of welding it.

The glued roof caused the car’s safety cage to collapse and crush a young Dallas couple inside a fiery crash.  They should have walked away. And a Dallas County Jury agreed with a $42 million damage verdict.

The jury has spoken! Greedy auto insurance carriers need to start listening to groups like ABAT. The collision repair industry is in the business of fixing cars according to manufacturer standards.  The auto insurance industry which knows nothing about automotive engineering and vehicle crashworthiness needs to get out of the repair business.


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