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AS LONG AS MACHINES FAIL AND HUMAN BEINGS MAKE mistakes, there will be vehicle accidents. This has been true since the very first automobile was built by Mercedes-Benz. But since there are always going to be accidents, why can’t vehicles be safer?

AT THE TRACY FIRM, TRIAL LAWYER E. TODD TRACY ADVOCATES for safer vehicles that result in fewer fatalities and less serious bodily injuries following an accident. To deliver this vision, his firm sues vehicle, component part, and child seat manufacturers when they fail to protect innocent victims of vehicle accidents by not making their products safer.

Personal Injury Trial Lawyer E. Todd Tracy
Personal Injury Trial Lawyer E. Todd Tracy

“SOMETIMES IN ACCIDENTS AIRBAGS DON’T FIRE, SEATS COLLAPSE, doors open, restrained occupants are ejected, roofs collapse, and fuel tanks are punctured,” Tracy says. “And those are just a few examples of safety systems that have failed to provide optimum safety in an accident.”

BATTLING THE VEHICLE INDUSTRY REQUIRES A LAW FIRM WITH A successful track record, unlimited resources, and the ability to see a case through to the finish. Over the past 20-plus years, The TRACY Firm has handled more than 2,300 cases against every major vehicle manufacturer; the firm has also tried 119 vehicle crashworthiness cases, where the ability of a vehicle to protect its occupants during an accident is called into question.

“IF A VEHICLE OR CHILD SEAT FAILED TO PROTECT YOU OR A FAMILY member in an accident, and as a result, you or a family member suffered serious injuries or death, you may have a claim against the vehicle, component part, or child seat manufacturer for having failed to properly design the safety systems inside the vehicle,” Tracy explains.

A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED TRIAL LAWYER, TRACY IS AV Preeminent® rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, the organization’s highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards. He frequently speaks across the country on vehicle safety issues and has written more than 150 articles on vehicle crashworthiness matters.

ABOVE ALL, TRACY PRIDES HIMSELF ON HIS TENACIOUS representation. He makes it his mission to achieve a satisfactory recovery for his clients from the manufacturer responsible for their personal injuries and financial losses.

“LET US GUIDE YOU THROUGH THIS PROCESS AS YOUR ADVOCATE,” he says. “Not only will you be calling on the vehicle industry to answer for its wrongdoing, but you will be taking a stand for vehicle safety that will help to make our nation’s roads safer for everyone.”

Contact us online, or, call us at 214-324-9000 if you or your loved ones are seriously injured in an accident. Find out if you have a vehicle crashworthiness case.

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