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The TRACY Firm “Vehicle Defects and Crashworthiness”

Vehicle Defects, Crashworthiness, Accidents and Personal Injury AS LONG AS MACHINES FAIL AND HUMAN BEINGS MAKE mistakes, there will be vehicle accidents. This has been true since the very first automobile was built by Mercedes-Benz. But since there are always going to be accidents, why can’t vehicles be safer?

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Texas’ Vehicle Defect and Safety Watchdog

Renowned Trial Lawyer Fights To Protect Vehicle Accident Victims Whose Safety Systems Have Failed Thousands of people are catastrophically injured or killed each year on America’s roadways. On some occasions, no vehicle safety design principle would have prevented the serious injury or death. On many other occasions, however, vehicle safety

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Airbag Safety For Short Drivers

ASK THE VEHICLE SAFETY LAWYER – Short Drivers Airbag Safety For Short Drivers I Am A 5’ 2” Female And I Have To Sit Extremely Close To My Vehicle’s Steering Wheel. If I Am Involved In An Accident, Can The Airbag Seriously Injure Me? Not only can the airbag can seriously

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