Do you have Vehicle Rollover causing Roof Crush with severe injuries?

Vehicle Accidents that involve rollover of the vehicle can have many safety issues and manufacturer’s negligence in design and development of the vehicle itself. Rollover Accident that causes severe injuries to the occupants of the vehicle has a potential of investigation for the rollover and roof crush defects from crash worthiness attorneys.

Contact us today to know more about rollover defects, its engineering investigation and the potential lawsuit that can be filed for the negligence of vehicle manufactures towards the safety standards of the vehicle rollover in an accident.

Some of the types of Rollover:

1. Off Road Rollover:
If your vehicle is not on the paved road surface during rollover event, the tipping mechanisms present in off-road condition can cause the vehicle to rollover. If your vehicle rolled over in this situation causing serious injuries, you need to consult experienced defects lawyer.

2. On-Road, Tripped Rollover:
If your vehicle is on the paved road surface and it rolls over due to impact with a tipping mechanism such as a raised manhole cover or a significant pavement discontinuity, it can cause on-road, tripped rollover of your vehicle.

3. On-Road, Untripped, Rollover:
If your vehicle is on a paved surface and it rolls over without impacting a tripping mechanism which may have been caused due to intentional, driver-controlled, severe vehicle maneuvering or due to unintentional, out of control, vehicle motions. Roughly, approximately 2/3 of on-road rollover crashes are untripped. If you think your vehicle was on-road and had untripped rollover then you are better off consulting an experienced liability attorney who has specialized in handling these vehicle defect cases.

After head-on collisions, rollovers are the second most dangerous type of crash occurring on our highways. Roof Crush dangers occur primarily during rollovers. When a roof crushes, occupant survival space is compromised. Moreover, roof crush renders the other safety systems ineffective.

The vehicle industry until the late 1960’s built vehicles with strong roofs saved lives. However, manufacturers stopped dynamic roof testing and started finding ways to earn more profit by cutting design corners. The result was more profit but at the expense of consumer safety.

Vehicle for Rollover and Roof Crush Defect Claims Inspection
Vehicle for Rollover and Roof Crush Defect Claims Inspection

It took almost two decades to debunk this manufacturer strategy but the truth finally came out. Specifically, one of the authors of the Malibu rollover test project admitted that the roof crushed before diving occurred. The plots from the litigation tests were also finally produced. Contrary to the reported results, the actual plot results proved strong roofs improved vehicle safety.

Roof crush danger is a primary violation of vehicle crash worthiness because the survival space must be maintained. When a roof crushes excessively, the other safety systems are rendered useless.

The Tracy Firm has been representing people whose vehicle had rollover accident and its roof was crushed to cause severe injuries. We have been practicing automotive product liability cases for more than 2 decades to help our clients with financial compensation. It involved the negligence of the vehicle manufactures, failing to build safe vehicle system to protect the occupants in an accident.

We represent injured vehicle occupants in an accident all over the United States for more than two decades of time that we have been handling vehicle defects cases. We specialize in handling only vehicle defect cases and, we have many attorneys all across the United States for referral of cases that involves our expertise.

Contact us online, or, call us today at 214-324-9000 if you or your loved ones are seriously injured in an accident to find out if you have a vehicle crashworthiness case.

Friday 11th January, 2013 | Updated: 5th November, 2013
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Source: Vehicle Product Liability Attorney E. Todd Tracy

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