The Spinal Cord Car Accident Injury That Suffocates The Driver In A Rollover

Auto Safety Expert and Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy uses a crash test dummy to demonstrate how defective vehicle roofs can suffocate occupants in a rollover car accident. Victims who suffered this awful consequence of a vehicle defect may have grounds for an auto accident lawsuit against the carmaker.

Spinal Cord Car Accident Injury

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If you, a family member, or friend have suffered a traumatic car accident injury or they were killed in an auto accident, there may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the car maker. The victim’s or family members of the deceased person may be entitled to significantly more money in damages than just a negligence case about the cause of the accident.

The Tracy Law Firm focuses on “Who Caused The Traumatic Car Accident Injuries or Death” — not who caused the accident.

Whether you were at fault or not in the cause of the accident, car companies are required by federal motor vehicle safety standards to make vehicles that will protect the driver and passengers from catastrophic injuries or death.

Contact Todd Tracy directly to request a complimentary catastrophic accident case review at the Vehicle Safety Firm.

Or call the Tracy Firm for a consultation if you or a loved one have been negatively affected by a spinal cord car accident injury at 214-324-9000.

You Don’t Pay A Penny Unless Todd Wins

When you fight the biggest carmakers in the world, you must spend thousands of dollars on scientific studies and crash tests to prove your product liability case. So, Todd Tracy represents his clients on a contingency fee contract. That means Todd only receives his legal fees if his client wins a jury verdict or receives a settlement. If the verdict is unfavorable, the client does not owe the Tracy Law Firm any money.

Tracy and his legal team try personal injury and product liability lawsuits in 42 states including Puerto Rico. He is often featured as an expert in national and local news reports about motor vehicle safety.

The Tracy Law Firm is a nationwide law practice dedicated to making cars safer for the public.


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