How To Sue A Car Company For Severe Injuries or Death – Even if Your Client Caused The Accident

Personal Injury Attorneys: Here’s another source of recovery outside of a traditional car wreck negligence case. Watch my video to learn how to pursue a vehicle safety defect case.
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This is Todd Tracey with the Tracey Law Firm in Dallas Texas with another Todd Talk.

Today I want to talk to lawyers who have cases and their client has a catastrophic injury or the client is unfortunately deceased and they have reached a case roadblock because there is not enough money to go around, there is not enough insurance, there is no insurance or perhaps their own client caused the accident. Today I am here to talk to you about a potential recovery source that you may be overlooking and that is looking at how the vehicle performed.

When you look at how the vehicle performs you focus on who caused the injuries or death, not who caused the accident. I want you to think about that for a second. When you put your seatbelt on in the morning, is that seat belt designed to prevent an accident or is that seat belt designed to prevent injuries in the event of an accident. That is what vehicle crash worthiness cases focus on. They focus on the safety systems inside the vehicle and how they perform following an accident. I want you think about this for a second. I don’t care if your client caused their own accident. Why is that? Because guess what, the safety systems don’t care who caused the accident. Safety systems have to work regardless of who caused the accident and guess what, the safety systems don’t know who caused the accident. So when you are out there and you believe that your case is a recovery dead end, that you are about ready to fold up the case, walk away from it or tell your client I am sorry, there is no other place to go, I want you to focus on the vehicle itself because so many times the vehicle safety systems do not serve your client properly.

If you, a family member, or friend have suffered a traumatic car accident injury or they were killed in an auto accident, there may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the car maker. The victim’s or family members of the deceased person may be entitled to significantly more money in damages than just a negligence case about the cause of the accident.

The Tracy Law Firm focuses on “Who Caused The Traumatic Car Accident Injuries or Death” — not who caused the accident.

Whether you were at fault or not in the cause of the accident, car companies are required by federal motor vehicle safety standards to make vehicles that will protect the driver and passengers from catastrophic injuries or death.

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