Why Are Auto Manufacturers Protecting Very Large Adults but not Small Children.

At The TRACY Firm child safety is a personal issue because there have been so many children that should have walked away from otherwise survivable accidents. Vehicle manufacturers have the expertise, institutional knowledge, test facilities and financial ability to conduct the necessary testing and engineering analysis to protect children. More importantly, vehicle manufacturers know how its vehicles’ safety systems and capabilities work together far better than you or I.

n engineers first priority is safety. Not just the safety of older users, larger users, but the safety of all users who sit in a vehicle. However, vehicle manufacturers are forcing caregivers to furnish their own safety for their children. This mentality is wrong.  There are so many reasons this is wrong its hard to list. Some of them are:
  1. Fit, most often child seats and booster seats do not fit the contours of a vehicle seat properly.
  2. Anchorages. Although there have been lame efforts by vehicle industry to standardize anchorages, each vehicle still has different layouts.
  3. Testing, very rarely are child seats actually tested, when they are tested they are tested improperly.
  4. Misuse is the most common cause of children being injured in accidents.

A built in booster seat would eliminate misuse, misapplication and installation errors that are so prevalent as well as permit the vehicle’s other safety systems to work as a system.

Child Injury Attorney
Child Injury Attorney

The TRACY firm takes child safety issue to the manufacturers and parents with an energy that is geared toward improving child safety. There is no excuse for a child being needlessly injured in most vehicle accidents. The law firm has been battling the vehicle industry for over 20 years.

Child Safety Attorney Todd Tracy has tried 119 cases against GMCFordChryslerToyotaNissanMazdaHondaMitsubishiFerrariTRWKey SafetyAllied SignalBreedTakataJCI, and Dorel Juvenile Group.

If a defective child safety seat or other system was a major contributing factor in your child’s injury, please contact our law office at 214-324-9000. 

Source:  The TRACY Law Firm | June 27th 2013

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