Bus Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy Fights for Seat Belts on School Buses


NBC 5 News in Dallas Fort Worth Featured Bus Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy On the Need for Seat Belts in School Buses.

School Bus Manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have mislead school districts and parents for years about school bus accidents and the safety of our children.

Deaths and injuries of students in school bus accidents has been under reported and manipulated to block parents calls for safer school buses.

Personal injury lawyer Todd Tracy and the Tracy Law Firm educates  families about defective child safety seats and seat belts in order to prevent traumatic injury or death. The failure of school districts and state lawmakers across the nation to require seat belts on school buses puts our most precious cargo at risk everyday. Crash tests have proven that  3 point seat belts on school buses can save lives. This video captured the horrific impact of a rollover school bus crash.

State of Texas on funding seat belts on every School buses
Texas requires seat belts on buses, but lawmakers have not provided enough money for school districts to install seat belts on every bus. The state set aside $10 million for seat belts on school buses in 2009, but only four school districts out of more than 1200 ended up with any money. Within two years, less than $500,000 was used on seat belts. The Texas Education Agency said part of the other $9.5 million went to the general fund and the remaining money was allocated to the Education Commissioner’s other priorities. Dallas County schools received about $250,000 for seat belts, which covered 25 buses. The county uses more than 2,000 school buses, so they had to spend nearly $7 million for the rest. Public officials often talk safety but don’t put money where their mouth is.

Mr. Tracy on Seat Belt importance in School Buses:Bus accident attorney Todd Tracy, who specializes in crashworthiness told NBC 5 News in Dallas Fort Worth that “Parents send their children to the school bus stop every morning unaware that their children need to wear a full face racing helmet to survive a serious accident.” The crashworthiness school bus accident tests conducted at Todd Tracy’s Crash Lab in Dallas demonstrate that children need to wear seat belts in order to prevent serious injury.

You can ride the school bus but you have to wear a full face racing helmet because the school buses dont have a seat belt on them. And what I do for living, I know that you need to have a seat belt on - E. Todd Tracy

Tracy told the NBC 5 news team that school bus accidents often involve a rollover accident that result in a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or student is ejected in the school bus accident resulting in paralysis or death.

“When I drive my children to school, I’m required by law to have them buckled in a three-point seat belt or in a booster seat,” said Tracy. “Why wouldn’t the school districts that take these children to and from school or to and from activities have three point belts?”

Concerned parents should send this report School Bus Safety In America by Bus Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy to their school board members and elected representatives.

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Source: NBC DFW, | Original Publication: October 16, 2015