Warning: John Eagle Collision Center Defective Car Repair


Vehicle Safety Lawyer Todd Tracy Demonstrates How A Glued Roof Repair Fails In This Video


Video Transcript:

Car manufacturers weld their roofs onto their vehicles for a very specific reason. That’s because the roof has to tie the safety cage together of a vehicle. The safety cage of the vehicle is what surrounds your family. It surrounds the top of your family, the sides of your family, and then underneath your family so that when you’re involved in a frontal impact or a side impact or a rear impact or a rollover, that the safety cage provides maximum protection.

When you do not tie the roof to the safety cage, for example, if you use glue, this is what happens to the roof structure. Look at how all of the structures bend and move.

However, when you weld the roof together, it does not move at all just like it’s designed to.

Car manufacturers weld their roof structures to the safety cage so that it ties you rigidly in place. When you don’t weld the roof and you use glue, this is what happens. The roof tears apart. The safety cage can’t do its job and the safety cage is brittle, and the safety is weak, and the safety cage fails to provide protection. And instead of being a rigid structure, it’s a collapsing structure.

What happens when your safety cage collapses? You’re crushed inside your vehicle. And when you’re crushed inside your vehicle, the safety systems can’t do their jobs. And that’s why vehicle manufacturers weld the roof to the safety cage.

Glue is for children. Glue is never for safety.


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