Dallas Auto Body Shops Make Defective Collision Repairs Using Glue


Watch This Video: Hidden Secrets of Auto Body Shops…What’s Under Your New Paint Job??


You Won’t Know That Your Car Has A Dangerous Defective Repair Until It’s Too Late

Car dealer’s service shops and auto body collision repair shops are making defective repairs at an alarming rate.  The Tracy Law Firm’s Crash Lab has uncovered case after case of car dealers not following the manufacturer’s repair specifications to cut corners for the insurance company.

Used car dealers are not telling buyers of preowned cars about major repairs and body damage repairs.  You cannot trust CARFAX to give you a true report about the vehicle’s past.

Defective Collision Repairs Using Glue

Defective repairs such as using glue to paste together structural parts rather than welding metal to metal and not plugging in the air bags cause unsuspecting motorist to suffer severe injuries or death in a car accident.  

Todd Tracy holds car dealers and auto body collision repair shops responsible for their negligence.

If you, a family member or a friend have suffered a severe injury in a car wreck or they were in a fatal car accident, you need to contact a defective car repair lawyer with a successful record in court for fighting the nation’s biggest car dealers and auto body collision repair shops.

Contact Todd Tracy here to “Find Out If You Have A Case” or call 214-324-9000.

Video Transcript

Your vehicle’s been involved in a car accident. You’ve taken it to a certified body shop and now you got your vehicle back and it’s nice and shiny, the paint job is nice and waxed, but underneath it, did you know that your vehicle has been glued? Sort of like glued like your children had done in their kindergarten classes.

When you glue a roof on, the safety cage collapses.

You better weld them. You better weld the roof to the safety cage.

Why do we want our roofs welded to the safety cage? Well, it’s real simple. So that our safety cage does not collapse.

So that when our family is involved in a frontal impact or a side impact or a rear impact or a rollover, that that safety cage will provide maximum protection and only a welded roof provides maximum protection.

Glue is great for our children. Glue is not great for our roof structures.


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