Ford is recalling more than 465,000 vehicles for fuel leak defect

Ford is recalling more than 465,000 vehicles of which 389,151 vehicles are in the United States. The fuel delivery module may develop a crack, allowing fuel to leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may result in vehicle fire which is a serious safety failure for any vehicle and it is subject to vehicle crashworthiness lawsuits if occupants of the vehicle have injuries as a result of this safety concern.

Ford will be notifying owners and the Ford dealers will replace the fuel delivery module beginning July 15, 2013. It received 600 complaints about the fuel leak since March 31, 2013 (Ford Motor Co.).

Tracy Law FirmFord Fusion sedan, which is one of the top selling models for Ford has been the subject of many other safety recalls since its launch. Approximately, 80,000 2013 Ford Fusions were recalled in December because of possible engine leaks that could result in vehicle fire and about 19,000 Fusions for lighting system defect. This time, small numbers of 2013 Ford Fusion have steering gears lacking internal retaining chip recall.

Ford Explorer along with Ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS had a recall in March 2013 for faulty sealing on the side of the tanks.

Ford Motor Co. Safety Recall:-

  1. Ford Explorer: 190,896 vehicles.
  2. Ford Taurus: 79567 vehicles.
  3. Ford Flex: 27,574 vehicles.
  4. Ford Fusion: 122,638 vehicles for steering gears defect.
  5. Ford Police Interceptor Utility: 8,384 vehicles.
  6. Ford Police Interceptor Sedan: 11,517 vehicles.
  7. Lincoln MKS: 13,381 vehicles.
  8. Lincoln MKT: 6,599 vehicles.
  9. Lincoln MKZ: 5,512 vehicles cords on the heaters could crack and expose wiring.

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Source:  NHTSA, AutoBlog | June 4th 2013

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