Drivers & Passengers In Cars That Hit Deer Suffer Death & Serious Injury

What To Do If Your Car or Truck Hits A Deer, Cow, Horse, Elk, Moose, or other Large Animal

It’s deer hunting season and time to be on the lookout for deer crossing highways. Residents of rural areas run a greater risk of hitting a deer, horse, or cow on the highway.

These accidents often inflict crippling injuries or death on the occupants because of unsafe vehicle designs.

In this video, vehicle safety lawyer Todd Tracy demonstrates how an unsafe design by an auto manufacturer may be responsible for deadly and catastrophic injuries in accidents involving large animals.

For Those of You Who Prefer To Read, Here Is A Transcript of Todd’s Video:

I’m Todd Tracy with the Tracy law firm in Dallas Texas, and I’m inside my Crash Lab today and I want to talk with you especially those of you who operate vehicles out in the rural areas. Out in the countryside, where there are horses and cattle. Sometimes there’s deer, and moose, and elk. Big animals can get on the road and vehicles can strike them.

Cars That Hit Deer & Other Large Animals

When a vehicle strikes a large animal much of the time the roof structure looks just like this. The roof structure literally rips apart and then the roof structure and or the animals literally end up striking the driver, or the right front passenger, however, if your roof structure is made of ultra-high-strength steel material that they call boron steel or martensite. This is what your roof will look like, I fit strikes an animal. this roof was subjected to the identical forces as this roof and because of using ultra high strength steel, a steel that is actually lighter, cheaper, but four to six times stronger your survival space is maintained there are no serious injuries and you’re certainly not killed in an animal strike.

The vehicle manufacturers know how to provide occupant protection and animal strikes. They know what material to use. They know what testing to do. They know what engineering analysis to do. So I had this question. Why wouldn’t you when you know how to do it? If you or a loved one have been catastrophically injured, or killed in an animal strike case, and your vehicle’s roof looks like this, you need to contact a lawyer that fights the vehicle industry every single day.

If Your Car Hit A Deer or Large Animal Causing Death or Catastrophic Injury to the Driver or Passengers, Find Out If You Have A Case.

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