What Are The Safest Cars For Teens?


Safest Vehicles For Teens?

As a personal injury attorney, Todd is not only armed with his deep legal expertise but with an undergraduate college degree in physics. He conducts complex engineering investigations using state of the art technology to determine if the vehicle’s safety systems failed to protect his clients from fatal or traumatic injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Todd says, “I don’t care who was at fault in the accident. We focus on what caused the serious injuries or death.”

Looking for the safest cars for teens? – Watch the video above.

Safer Vehicles = Safer Families

Just like you, the Tracy family expects vehicle manufacturers and auto dealers to sell cars, SUV’s, trucks and buses that protect people from serious injury or death. Todd and his wife are the parents of a teenage daughter and son. He coaches his son’s traveling baseball team. His daughter was the catcher on her high school softball team and is studying medicine in college. We want to ensure that our children as well as your families are safe traveling on the nation’s roadways.

Todd has been actively involved in auto racing and sponsored an Indy car. He has incorporated safety research gained from race cars into his auto safety law practice.

Safest Cars For Teens?

At the Tracy Law Firm, our Crash Lab examines and exposes how the vehicle and its safety systems performed during the crash. Appearances at an accident scene can be very deceiving. For example, law enforcement accident investigations often mistakenly conclude that a person was ejected from a car because they were not wearing their seat belts. Our engineering analysis has found time-and-time again in cases that the person was wearing their seat belt, but it failed.

For nearly three decades, I’ve handled more than 2700 personal injury and product liability cases against the major car manufacturers for safety defects that caused deaths and catastrophic injuries. If you believe your case is at a dead end for recovery and you are ready to fold it up, I urge you to talk to me first about a crashworthiness evaluation.

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