DISD banned 12 to15 passenger vans that are vulnerable to rollover and roof crush-in accidents.

After the News 8 investigation and vehicle safety attorney Todd Tracy’s insights on 12-to 15 passenger vans that are dangerous, DISD banned these vans for public school transportation in the State of Texas. This is taking in to effect from Monday, September 30, 2013. The continuous effort of Channel 8 news and crashworthiness attorney E. Todd Tracy certainly helped keep our children safe on the roads. The Tracy firm has been continuously, always stood up for the safety of children to avoid vehicle accidents (providing child safety education) as well as after the accident where the law firm has been helping protect children from negligence from vehicle manufacturers that results vehicle defect accidents and injuries lawsuits.

This ban has substantially helped the safety of 1,800 students. This is a positive move from DISD that puts safety the number one priority over anything else.

“Any vans that appear to be 12-to-15 passenger vans will be taken off the road effective Monday,” said DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander. “We are continuing to learn more but safety, for us, is number one as we continue to hold Dallas County Schools accountable for that safety.”

Passenger Vans Rollovers and Roof Crush-in Accidents Dangers
Passenger Vans Rollovers and Roof Crush-in Accidents Dangers

Dallas Attorney Todd Tracy has extensive knowledge of the dangers associated with passenger vans, and their potential for rollovers and roof crush-in accidents.

Safety Attorney Todd Tracy said, “Not only is it a violation of law, I can’t imagine the Dallas Independent School District allowing such conduct to take place because they are jeopardizing and placing our children at risk,”

“I wouldn’t even transport equipment in these vans,” Tracy added. “They need to use school buses. They need to use regular passenger vehicles.”

These passenger vans are so dangerous and unsafe that the federal government has banned the sale of these vans to public schools. The Tracy firm has two current cases that are similar to the vehicles that were used to transport children. Therefore, Mr. Tracy exactly knows how crashworthy are these vans and what are the defects that makes these vans, very vulnerable, to even use these vehicles for any other purpose.

The TRACY firm takes child safety issue to the manufacturers and parents with an energy that is geared toward improving child safety. There is no excuse for a child being needlessly injured in most vehicle accidents. The law firm has been battling the vehicle industry for over 2 decades.


Child Safety Attorney Todd Tracy has tried 119 cases against GMCFordChryslerToyotaNissanMazdaHondaMitsubishiFerrariTRWKey SafetyAllied SignalBreedTakataJCI, and Dorel Juvenile Group.

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Source:  Channel 8 NewsThe TRACY Law Firm | Sept 29th 2013, Updated: October 8th 2013