Why Auto Insurance Company CEO’s Do Not Want Us To Run This Crash Test


We Are Putting The Bullies In The Auto Insurance Industry To The Test

The Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT) and the Tracy Law Firm’s Vehicle Safety Crash Lab join forces to put Car Insurance Carriers to the test.  The Auto Insurance Industry dictates shoddy repairs over following the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair standards and they bully collision repair shops into using aftermarket parts that are untested and not up to safety standards. For years honest small business owners that didn’t play the auto insurance company’s game of Russian Roulette have suffered threats and intimidation.

The Importance of a Scientific Aftermarket Parts Crash Test

The insurance company CEO’s fatten their pay while putting their customer’s families at risk of death or serious injury.  We are preparing 3 vehicles to put the auto insurance companies to the test once and for all.

Stay tuned as we conduct a series of scientific crash tests that the insurance companies would never dare to do.

Burl Richards, the President of the Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT) and the owner of Burl’s Collision Center in Henderson, Texas describes in this video how an alliance of body shops is preparing three 2010 Honda Fit’s for crash tests later in December.

Aftermarket Parts Crash Test Puts Auto Insurance Company CEO’s On Edge

For those of you who prefer to read, here’s a transcript of Burl’s Video:

My name is Burl Richards and I’m here in Henderson, Texas and the Todd Tracy Law Firm has brought us this 2010 Honda Fit car after the 42 million-dollar lawsuit against John Eagle and the glued roof repair that they did.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to replace the hood with an aftermarket hood, we’re going to replace the left and right fenders with aftermarket fenders, we’re going to replace the upper tie bar with an aftermarket upper tie bar. We’re also going to replace the bumper reinforcement with aftermarket parts.

So as a collision center and also as the Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT), we’re interested in working with the Tracy Law Firm to find out whether or not these aftermarket parts will hold up in a collision just as well as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts do.

Airbag timing, other safety factors that are involved in these collisions – there are questions about these accidents that need to be answered.

We’re also going to take another vehicle and we’re going to replace the roof, and instead of using the OEM processes and procedures with welding procedures, we’re going to glue the roof on and we’re going to use an aftermarket windshield similar to the repair that was done at John Eagle to see if a glued roof will hold up like a welded-on roof.

So over the years, the insurance companies have dictated the repairs of these vehicles and they typically will ask for aftermarket usage on these parts. As a collision repair center, we’ve always wondered ourselves, is an aftermarket part just as good as an OEM part? We know that they don’t fit as well as an OEM part and we know that we send a large majority of these aftermarket parts back, so we want to put our money and our time up to relate it to this cause so that we can find out whether or not these parts are actually just as good as the OEM parts.

At the end of the day, we care about the safety of our consumers. It’s not about the money, that’s why we’re willing as an association, and other associations across the United States, to put our money up and our resources up to have these tests done.

(End Transcript)

Come back soon as we will be posting additional updates to our Aftermarket Parts Crash Test series as they become available in the weeks ahead.

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