Aftermarket Parts Crash Test Data Released by The Tracy Law Firm

Aftermarket Parts Crash Test Video & Data for 2013 Honda Fit

In the interest of full transparency to the public and the collision industry, Vehicle Safety Lawyer Todd Tracy and the Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT) released the crash test video of a 2013 Honda Fit equipped with aftermarket parts and all scientific data from the tests.

Todd and his team of automotive engineers have analyzed the vehicle in the Tracy Law Firm’s Crash Lab in Dallas. We have produced two videos: the crash test’s effect on the performance of the safety restraint systems and the crash test’s effect on the severity of injuriesRead more about how the crash tests were conducted.

You can also watch all three vehicles crash test videos synchronized together comparing the performance of the Non OEM Glued Roof Repair, the Aftermarket Parts Vehicle, and the OEM Control Test Video.

The car insurance companies that bully collision repair businesses into using aftermarket parts that don’t meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards have never presented any scientific crash evidence to support their demands.  Well here it is and like Jack Nicholson says in A Few Good Men“You can’t handle the truth”.

The truth is in the science.  The next time an insurance company adjuster refuses to pay for OEM parts, ask them to explain this safety data about aftermarket parts and justify their decision on a scientific basis.  Tell them in your best impression of Dragnet that you want, “Just the Facts Ma’am.

Todd Tracy and ABAT with the support of many collision repair businesses across the country commissioned three (3) crash tests in the wake of a Dallas County Jury’s $42 Million Dollar Damage verdict for an improperly repaired roof. The collision center’s manager testified that the company glued on the metal roof panel of a 2010 Honda Fit instead of applying 108 welds according to Honda’s OEM repair standards because that’s the only way State Farm Insurance would pay for the repair.

Immediately after the verdict, the Tracy Law firm filed a new federal lawsuit against State Farm Insurance in Dallas.

We encourage you to share this video and data with friends that are fighting with their insurance carrier over proper repairs to accident damage and for the collision repair industry to show it to the insurance adjusters who call on their shops every day.

Lives are at stake.

We will also be releasing the video and data for the crash tests of a 2009 Honda Fit with a glued roof and a 2010 Honda Fit used as the control test subject as produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Aftermarket Parts Crash Test Data Released by The Tracy Law Firm

The scientific reports for the Aftermarket Parts Crash Test are available for download at the links listed below:

The Tracy Law Firm Crash Test Report TR-P37391

The Tracy Law Firm Crash Test Report TR-P37391 Appendix A

The Tracy Law Firm Crash Test Report TR-P37391 Appendix B

The Tracy Law Firm Crash Test Electronic Data TR-P37391 FIL

The Tracy Law Firm Crash Test Electronic Data TR-P37391UNF



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