Safety features that could become standard in cars

Vehicle safety features can help reduce many accidents and eventually save lives of many individuals. “As a safety expert, AAA closely monitors new developments in vehicle safety,” said AAA Arizona car expert Jim Prueter. “Advancements in technology have opened doors for new safety features to be designed at a lesser cost to consumers, which means they are becoming more and more common in new cars.”

AAA predicts five optional safety features that likely will become standard in the future:

  1. Rearview back-up cameras
  2. Parking sensors
  3. Forward collision warning with automatic braking
  4. Lane-departure systems
  5. Blind-spot monitoring systems

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“As more vehicles are equipped with optional safety features, the costs will continue declining and, in many cases, will become standard equipment. And, because safety features reduce crashes and injuries, they also have the effect of reducing your insurance rates,” Prueter said. “But, AAA warns motorists to never rely solely on safety features. Nothing can take the place of an alert driver.”

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