Obvious Crashworthiness Defect Issues

On many occasions, when a vehicle rolls over, the roof can crush down to the beltline and kill or seriously injure properly restrained occupants. The potential crashworthiness case is obvious.

The Tracy Firm Crashworthiness Case
The Tracy Firm Crashworthiness Case

If a vehicle’s door opens during a rollover or an accident, part of the vehicle’s restraint system is no longer engaged in the overall safety system of the vehicle. The result of this missing aspect of the safety system will result in the following deficiencies:


  1. The whole structure around the occupant is severely compromised.
  2. Ejection / partial ejection mitigation is significantly reduced.
  3. The seat belt restraint system will overload due to the fact that the occupant is not restrained within the vehicle as designed.

If a vehicle’s seat belt webbing tears apart, the vehicle’s primary restraint system has failed to perform properly.

If a seatback bracket or support structure shears or fails the seat collapses rearward and exposes the front and rear seated passenger’s to crush injuries.

If a front or side airbag fails to deploy in a high speed impact, deceleration injuries to the occupant are very likely to occur.

If a vehicle fails to implement proper energy channeling designs, the vehicle will crush excessively and render most of the rest of the safety systems ineffective because of intrusion into the survival space.

If a vehicle’s fuel tank is breached and a hole is produced, the chance of a post crash fire is increased dramatically.

For more than two decades, The Tracy Firm has been helping to assert the rights of individuals injured in vehicle accidents due to manufacturing design defect, safety system failuresvehicle aggressiveness and vehicle crashworthiness throughout the United States.

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