Motor vehicle accident fatalities increased by 5% in 2012 since 2005


National Safety Council announced that 36,200 motor vehicle fatalities occurred in 2012. This is 5% increase from last year fatalities. We can say that this is also the first increase in vehicle accident fatalities since 2005. This increase in fatalities directly increased the vehicle accident injury by 5% in comparison to the year 2011. People who were injured in an accident had medical expenses of 3.9 million.

Another interesting fact is that since december of 2011, total miles driven all over the states have been increasing and could have increased the fatalities. National safety council speculates that better economy in combination with mild winter could have encouraged this increase in driving.

sunsetEconomically, these vehicle accidents and injury has negative impact on economy of the nation because in long run, an individual who most like was productive would no longer be able to have the same level of productivity which would eventually effect national economy. In 2012, estimated cost of vehicle deaths, injuries, and property damage was $276.6 billion which is 5% increase from last year.

Some of the things that we can work on to make the year 2013 with less number of fatalities:-

1. Raise the level of safety systems in new vehicles:
Most of the safety systems as blind spot monitoring with cross traffic, lane departure warning system, collision avoidance system etc should be available and affordable in all new vehicles.

2. Stop Distracted Driving:
Distracted driving accounts for so many fatalities and we can avoid it by fully concentrating on the roads while driving than to get distracted by all other activities, no matter how important they are. If we are driving, we should only drive because in a matter of seconds or milli seconds, life can change. The life could be yours or others because your distracted driving behavious could kill other people who had no fault at all. This is a serious issue that is happening right now and we need to change it.

3. Manufactures need to take responsibility of minimizing defects in vehicles: 
Some times defect in the vehicle itself injure you or kill you. A normal accident where an air bag should have protected you during the accident, didn’t deploy or deoplyed late/early, could completely change the precpective of the accident you had. These are one of  the safety system defect in vehicle and negligence of manufactures of your vehicle that costs your life. All the vehicle manufactures needs to take responsibility and manufacture vehicles that are not defective. If they find any defects in their vehicles then they need to have a recall of the components and parts of the vehicle, as soon as, they know that there exist a problem with their vehicles. This would eventually help vehicle manufactures from long term loss because they don’t have to deal with vehicle crash worthines lawsuits that costs them alot of money and time than if they would have fundamentally created a safe system.

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Tuesday 26th February, 2013 | The TRACY firm in Dallas, Texas | Source: National Safety Council

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