Government Speeds Research on Car Safety that uses Artificially Intelligent Systems

Government speeds research on auto safety systems that uses artificially intelligent systems to avoid vehicle accidents and personal injuries following it.

Some of the automated systems that avoid vehicle accidents and injuries are:

Collision Avoidance Intelligent Systems:

Collision avoidance artificially intelligent system would avoid collision by constantly monitoring the objects around it and reacting to it if the object is too close by automatically applying brakes. We think this system should also have a feature that would eventually allow the vehicle to automatically accelerate when some object or any other vehicle is about to rear end it (The Tracy Firm) It is just an idea for an extra safety feature for the vehicle.

This is the most common type of auto accidents and last year alone, one-third of all police reported crashes were related to one vehicle rear ending another.

Seat Belt Interlocks Intelligent Systems:

Seat belt interlock intelligent system would smartly prevent cars and trucks from being driven in the event of driver and passengers of the vehicle isn’t buckled in properly that accounts for roughly 3000 deaths every year. Occupant protection is very crucial when it comes to the safety of drivers and passengers being ejected out of the vehicles that would most likely kill them.

This artificially intelligent system that would mandate the use of seat belt every time we driver in a vehicle would hugely improve our likelihood of not being thrown out of our vehicle in the event of crash and suffer major personal injuries

Driver Alcohol Detection Intelligent Systems:

Driver alcohol detection intelligent systems hold the potential of dramatically reducing traffic fatalities. This intelligent system is undergoing research from NHTSA which would most likely detect drunk driver through touch or air samples if the driver’s blood alcohol content is above the .08 legal limits.

“The automatic system would be enabled every time the car is started, but unobtrusive so it would not pose an inconvenience to the non-intoxicated driver,” the agency said. The technology is still at least five years away, Strickland said

The Use of Artificially Intelligent Systems in Vehicles to avoid Accidents can drastically decrease the number of deaths every year from these sad events
The Use of Artificially Intelligent Systems in Vehicles to avoid Accidents can drastically decrease the number of deaths every year from these sad events

Distracted driving, drunk driving, seat belt not used when driving, and rear ending in vehicle accidents are pretty big part of how people are killed and seriously injured every year. These three sections cover most of the vehicle accident and injuries. If the government is successful in first, finishing the research and secondly, the mandating laws to be implemented by vehicle manufacturers to use these artificially intelligent system in every vehicle they manufacture in future, then the vehicle accident death in 2012 that was 33,561 could be reduced drastically in future.

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By P.S. at The Tracy Firm | November 18th 2013
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