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What can be done to protect children against airbags?

The easiest solution is to place children under 12 in the rear seat, as recommended since November, 1996, by the federal government. Unfortunately, this is a band-aid fix because the rear seat poses serious restraint fit problems for small occupants. Besides, many vehicles do not contain a rear seat. Also, some

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Why forward facing child seats and airbags are a deadly combination?

During a frontal impact, front airbags deploy at speeds approaching 225 mph; in less time than it takes to blink an eye. The majority of all crash speeds are below a 20 mph Delta Velocity. Therefore, since airbag deployment thresholds are 8-12 mph Delta Velocity, there are far too many unnecessary deployments. 

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Growing Out Of The Child Seat

ASK THE VEHICLE SAFETY LAWYER – Growing out of the Child Seat This question has been hotly debated for years because parents and caregivers were given conflicting information. Some people said age was the determining factor. Others said height. Still, others said weight. THE CORRECT ANSWER IS WEIGHT.

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