If A Door Comes Open In A Car Crash, You May Have A Lawsuit For A Safety Defect

Auto safety expert and car accident lawyer Todd Tracy says the doors on a vehicle should absolutely stay shut in a car crash, especially a rollover accident. If door latches failed, get a catastrophic injury accident case review.
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Whenever you’re involved in an accident of any kind inside a vehicle, your door has to stay shut. I don’t care if you’re in a frontal, a side, an impact, a rollover; even if you have your seatbelt on, you will be outside of the vehicle after the rollover; or the frontal is over; or the side is over. Because the door provides a very, very specific restraint function. When you were ejected outside the vehicle, you have a 360 times greater chance of being killed because you are now outside of the safe confines of the vehicle. If you are not killed, and your door opens up; you’re going to get your arms cut off or your leg cutoff, or you may get a chest flail injury and die because your chest wall has collapsed, okay?

Now we have been having problems with doors coming open since the thirties. How do we know? Here’s testing on the Model-T. During rollovers; the 1980 Ford F-150 pickup truck had the identical failure as the GMC SUV that we see here. Now, you think, well these are all old cars. Not really; that’s a 2012 Ford F-150. Now what’s unique about that test is that’s a fuel system test that they run on the opposite side; so what was Ford’s fix when they were running fuel system cases/testing? They said ‘let’s make certain we remove the doors on any future tests so as not to create any embarrassing information.


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  1. Well my 2021 Kia telluride was in an accident rolled 6 times doors opened fiancés legs came out crushing his legs. He broke everything from his back down.

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