Conflicting Conversation: NHTSA vs EPA

Does the federal government car more about environmentally friendly cars that auto safety? Car accident lawyer and auto safety expert Todd Tracy thinks so.


The NHSTA and EPA are actually in conflict with one another because the NHSTA they want us to build vehicles that are safer. The EPA is preventing the vehicle manufacturers from making vehicles safer because they way better gas mileage. One way you get better gas mileage is by making the vehicles lighter. How do you make a vehicle lighter, you take a steel panel that is solid and you make holes in it. And when you create a hole in a panel that is going to allow the vehicle to crush. So EPA want better gas mileage, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, they want to make vehicles safer. However, it seems to me that the government actually cares more about the environment than they do people.

If you, a family member, or friend have suffered a traumatic car accident injury or they were killed in an auto accident, there may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the car maker. The victim’s or family members of the deceased person may be entitled to significantly more money in damages than just a negligence case about the cause of the accident.

The Tracy Law Firm focuses on “Who Caused The Traumatic Car Accident Injuries or Death” — not who caused the accident.

Whether you were at fault or not in the cause of the accident, car companies are required by federal motor vehicle safety standards to make vehicles that will protect the driver and passengers from catastrophic injuries or death.

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