WARNING: Tornado Chasing in the Family Car can be DEADLY

Storm chasing can turn deadly in a split second. Every storm chaser needs to watch this video before tornado chasing. Is your vehicle crashworthy?
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Hey, I understand that it’s tornado season right now and it’s really cool to get that video of tornadoes when you’re up close and personal. But let me tell you, if you are not in the right equipped vehicle, if you do not have the right equipment, you need to stay away from tornadoes. You need to take shelter and do not get caught up in tornadoes like this storm-chasing crew did in the El Reno tornado up in Oklahoma.

The reason being is folks, I want you to think about this. When we send our military out to take a beachhead or to take away a terrorist, we give them the best safety equipment money can buy. When we have explosives, ordnances experts at the police department go detonate a bomb, we give them unbelievable safety equipment.

When we ask our high-rise construction workers to go 60 stories up, we give them the necessary safety equipment. But shouldn’t we do the same thing with our storm chasers? So if your vehicle is not equipped with roll bars and roll cages and five-point safety racing harnesses and fuel systems that can withstand the force of an impact of a tornado, and if your vehicle doesn’t have the safety harnesses that we see in NASCAR vehicles and doesn’t have everything humanly possible to protect you, stay away.

Storm chasing is for experts. If you are not an expert, and you do not have the necessary safety equipment, stay away.

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