ATTENTION: This Tornado Chasing Video Could Save Your Life.

Take a good look at the SUV that A Weather Channel storm chasing crew in El Reno, Oklahoma was driving when it crossed paths with a tornado. Don’t let this happen to you!
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I understand it’s tornado season and if any of your news directors or weather directors are asking reporters to go out and chase storms or to go out and report on storms, I need you to look at this particular vehicle on what can happen on the devastation that a tornado can occur.

For example, this is a storm-chasing crew that literally got picked up by the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado from several years ago. If your news director or weather director from wherever you are across the country is asking to put you on harm’s way so that you can report on the devastation that a tornado can cause, you need to look at this vehicle because this vehicle literally got picked up, sucked up into the tornado and caused it to roll several hundred feet.

Your news directors need to put you in vehicles that are safe. Any vehicle that you have that’s going to be close to a tornado needs to have a roll bar or roll cage. Any vehicle that you’re in, that’s chasing a storm, needs to have a five-point racing harness like we see the race car drivers have.

If your news director is going to send you out in harm’s way, you need to have specialized window coverings that we see like we have on race cars. But most importantly, if your news directors and weather directors are going to put you in harm’s way by chasing tornadoes, make certain that you do not have loose equipment inside the vehicle because remember, what’s loose inside a vehicle as you’re driving down the road can become a flying projectile once your vehicle gets picked up and thrown violently because of a tornado.


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