Do You Have An Airbag Failure Lawsuit For A Serious Injury Or Death In A Head On Collision?

Some side airbags are only designed to protect the driver and passengers in one type of accident.  It’s sad but true. Car accident lawyer and auto safety expert Todd Tracy explains why in this video.

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Today I want to talk to you about side curtain airbags in a side impact case and some of the deficiencies that you may see.

For example on this particular vehicle, I want you to look at where the side curtain ends. You will notice that there’s a large area that is not covered and provides protection for the restrained occupant’s head.

For example, if you were involved in what we call in the industry a 10 o’clock or an 11 o’clock PDOF, meaning that it’s not a full head-on, it’s a head-on at an angle, the occupant’s head is going to strike in the area where there’s no side curtain.

That’s because the side curtain airbags are actually designed solely to satisfy the requirements of a T-bone type impact, so that the occupant’s head goes directly into a small area about the size of a dinner plate. That is the zone of protection that is included for the driver or the passenger in the front seat with a short duration side curtain airbag.

This is Todd Tracy with today’s Todd Talks.


Do You Have An Airbag Failure Lawsuit For A Serious Injury Or Death In A Head On Collision?

Most people don’t know that they can sue car manufacturers, bus manufacturers and 18-wheeler truck manufacturers for unsafe vehicles that cause death or serious injuries in car accidents.

Todd Tracy focuses on “Who Caused The Serious Car Accident Injuries or Death” — not who caused the accident. Even if you may be at fault in the cause of the accident such loosing control on an icy or wet surface, you still may have a case if your vehicle’s safety systems failed to protect you.  Car companies are required by federal motor vehicle safety standards to make vehicles that will protect the driver and passengers from catastrophic injuries or death.

If you, a family member or a friend have suffered a traumatic car accident injury or they were killed in an auto accident, you need to contact a car accident lawyer with a successful record in court for fighting the world’s biggest car companies.

Contact Todd Tracy here to “Find Out If You Have A Case” or call 214-324-9000.


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  1. My sister in law passed away four years ago in an accident where her and her husband were t boned. She was on the passenger side and passed away so to blunt force trauma. Her air bags did not deploy. We are seeking help to see if someone can be responsible for her death.

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