Texas’ Vehicle Defect and Safety Watchdog

Renowned Trial Lawyer Fights To Protect Vehicle Accident Victims Whose Safety Systems Have Failed Thousands of people are catastrophically injured or killed each year on America’s roadways. On some occasions, no vehicle safety design principle would have prevented the serious injury or death. On many other occasions, however, vehicle safety

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Vehicle Aggressivity Vs. Vehicle Crash Worthiness

Vehicle manufacturers have been studying the concept of vehicle aggressivity for decades. In 1972, a Renault engineer introduced the idea of vehicle aggressiveness in an ESV (Experimental Safety Vehicle) paper – “taking account of all of the people in an accident, not just those in one of the vehicles.”

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Growing Out Of The Child Seat

ASK THE VEHICLE SAFETY LAWYER – Growing out of the Child Seat This question has been hotly debated for years because parents and caregivers were given conflicting information. Some people said age was the determining factor. Others said height. Still, others said weight. THE CORRECT ANSWER IS WEIGHT.

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