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Even Minor Front End Collision Accidents Can Be Serious

The driver of this car should have walked away from this front end collision car accident, but he suffered a crushed foot. Auto safety expert and personal injury attorney Todd Tracy shows how a safety defect left the driver crippled for life. Even Minor Front End Collision Accidents Can Be

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Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Uses Crash Tests To Prove Auto Accident Lawsuit

When you sue the biggest car companies in the world for causing catastrophic injury or death, you better be prepared for an all out fight in your car accident lawsuit.  Vehicle Crashworthiness lawyer, Todd Tracy conducts his own crash testing to prove his client’s cases in court.  An auto dealer settled this fatal car accident case out of court shortly after their attorneys saw the results of Todd Tracy’s crash test.

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How The Todd Tracy Law Firm Uses Technology To Win Car Accident Cases

How The Tracy Law Firm Uses 3D Laser Technology To Prepare Its Accident Lawsuits For Trial

When Vehicle Crashworthiness expert and Car Accident Lawyer Todd Tracy files a lawsuit against car manufacturers or car dealers, he uses sophisticated technology to prove that a safety defect caused death or catastrophic injury. In this video, Tracy demonstrates how the Tracy Law Firm’s Crash Lab uses a FARO 3D laser scanner to reconstruct the car wreck and the damaged vehicle for a car accident lawsuit.

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When Your Car Hits A Deer, Cow, Horse Or Any Animal — What To Do If You Should Not Suffer Traumatic Injury

One of the most dangerous head-on-collison accidents involves a car hitting a deer or any other animal. Collisions with animals are very common in rural areas and even occur in urban areas with a deer over population. The roof on your vehicle should protect occupants from serious injury when your car hits an animal, but our Crash Lab has documented case after case of defective roofs failing with catastrophic results.

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