Severe Accident Survivor Suing General Motors After Alleging The Failure of Safety Systems

Kristin Hopkins from Colorado who is the mother of four and survived a horrific crash after being trapped in her mangled vehicle for six days. She lost both of her feet. She has filed a lawsuit against General Motors, claiming that her Chevrolet Malibu’s crash avoidance features failed at the critical moment before it happened.

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She received a notice in the mail saying she should take her Malibu in for repairs since the “safety systems may not work if she finds herself in a crash avoidance situation.”

The GM recall notice said “traction control, electronic stability control, and panic braking assist features, if equipped, may be disabled,” according to the lawsuit. “These conditions may increase the risk of a crash,” the suit went on to say.

A second recall notice said Hopkins’ vehicle may “suddenly lose [electric power steering assist] and “revert to manual steering mode.”

The lawsuit alleges the failure of both of these systems.

“My life is completely changed because of all this,” said Hopkins, who hasn’t been able to work since the crash.
“Could I have changed what happened?
Could (GM) have changed what happened?

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Source: 9News | Original Publication: October 22, 2015